The AAP Project: Audio Plugins For Android

This page is for a public non-developer front page for AAP (Audio Plugins For Android) Project.

For developers, have a look ahave a look att the git repository instead.

This webpage is also used to provide some necessary supplementals e.g. Privacy Policy for Google Play Store (I had to provide that to publish my apps even if they do not contain any ads).


AAP plugins and hosts

We have not published audio plugins and DAWs (yet). But everything is open source so far, and they could be downloaded and installed via AAP APK Installer.

Resident MIDI Keyboard

ResidentMIDIKeyboard screenshot 1 ResidentMIDIKeyboard screenshot 2 ResidentMIDIKeyboard screenshot 3

ResidentMIDIKeyboard for Android is a virtual MIDI keyboard application for Android that runs "anywhere" on screen as a System Alert Window. It supports MIDI 1.0 and 2.0 (June 2023 Updates, in "almost" standard compliant way).

It works both as (1) a MIDI client keyboard that can connect to MIDI output devices, as well as (2) a virtual MIDI keyboard that DAWs can connect to it to receive MIDI input events.

It is fully open source. For more details, have a look at the README on the GitHub project.

Get Resident MIDI Keyboard at Google Play Store.

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